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  1. Joshua commented on Ziggy 4 days ago

    I guess Tom II doesn’t share his view

  2. Joshua commented on Heavenly Nostrils 5 days ago

    I still watch a couple of animated shows, drink milk, used to drink a lot of soda, and I’m 30 years old.

  3. Joshua commented on Ziggy 7 days ago

    It looks like he’s wearing shorts, actually.

  4. Joshua commented on Peanuts 10 days ago

    And 50+ years later, we have men who like ponies.

  5. Joshua commented on FoxTrot 11 days ago

    Isn’t Paige a brunette?

  6. Joshua commented on Peanuts 11 days ago

    It would be impossible for Snoopy to be an only dog, since they have more than one when pregnant.

  7. Joshua commented on Calvin and Hobbes 11 days ago

    I was more of an indoorsy kid, preferring to read or play video games than play outside. But my stepmother didn’t see it that way, and I was always sent outside during the summer. Even after you reach an age when playing outside loses any kind of fun.

  8. Joshua commented on Peanuts 13 days ago

    Just waiting for Charlie Brown to get up and change the channel.

  9. Joshua commented on Garfield Minus Garfield 15 days ago

    The problem with me is that I can read upside down words, so if the upside down answer is on the same page, I may accidentally see the answer before figuring it out.

  10. Joshua commented on Adult Children 19 days ago

    I use a check card. It’s impossible to spend more than what’s in my account that way.