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  1. geometer2 commented on Glenn McCoy 6 months ago

    “pwenhonnariiih” translates roughly as “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you!!!”

  2. geometer2 commented on Glenn McCoy 7 months ago

    What’s with the duck head?

  3. geometer2 commented on Mike Lester 12 months ago

    Right on target (Oh, wait…. I guess that’s not PC!)

  4. geometer2 commented on Scott Stantis about 1 year ago

    Whether teaching is effective or not makes no difference if students put no effort into learning! As we say in mathematics: it is necessary, but not sufficient!

  5. geometer2 commented on Wit of the World about 1 year ago


  6. geometer2 commented on Ben Sargent over 1 year ago

    Maybe he should pick it up so he has some of his own!

  7. geometer2 commented on Stuart Carlson over 1 year ago

    Let me get this straight — so taking away small weapons that people use to defend their own life and property makes tyranny less likely from a government with huge weapons?

  8. geometer2 commented on Scott Stantis over 1 year ago

    This cartoonist clearly lives in his own fantasy world. If he had really been to a state where concealed carry is allowed (dare I day “the norm”), he would know better!

  9. geometer2 commented on Drew Sheneman over 1 year ago

    Those ears look so familiar!!! Oh, just like Obama’s!

  10. geometer2 commented on Matt Bors over 1 year ago

    Highly offensive — this cartoon should be flagged! How many cartoons would get published if they depicted a prominent female democrat with explicit sexual captions? What a load of crap! A cheap ad-hominem attack.