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  1. mischugenah commented on Stone Soup about 23 hours ago

    Good to know Holly can step up when the circumstances call for it.

  2. mischugenah commented on Luann about 23 hours ago

    Boy do I remember those years. Feeling like you’re spinning your wheels, putting a lot of effort into not going much of anywhere and desperately wanting something more, but knowing the ‘mature’ thing is to tough it out. I’m glad I did, I did my adventuring after college and it was great, but ‘yet more school’ wasn’t much fun at the time.

  3. mischugenah commented on Non Sequitur 2 days ago

    Every generation believes themselves smarter than the one preceding and wiser than the one that follows.

  4. mischugenah commented on B.C. 3 days ago

    Yeth, very.

  5. mischugenah commented on Wizard of Id 6 days ago

    Sadly, he’s right on the nose with that one.

  6. mischugenah commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 7 days ago

    As a child glasses-wearer, I can’t tell you how many I went through. I was always losing them or leaving them places. If Max is only on his second pair, he’s doing pretty well.

  7. mischugenah commented on Wizard of Id 7 days ago

    I want some of what he’s having!

  8. mischugenah commented on Lio 11 days ago

    harsh, man. harsh.

  9. mischugenah commented on Pickles 11 days ago

    I did that, the guide finished her introduction with “And if the mountain starts shaking, the tour is over, you can keep the bikes, and we’ll see you at the airport!”

  10. mischugenah commented on Wizard of Id 11 days ago

    “But can we have a bottle of the conditioner before we go?”