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  1. whitecarabao commented on Heavenly Nostrils 25 days ago

    Dana, your skill at capturing exactly the right expression on the characters’ faces is awesome.

  2. whitecarabao commented on Heavenly Nostrils 25 days ago

    Phoebe, be careful what you ask for!
    (Phoebe with an extraodinarily dexterous tail is hard to imagine, but I bet Dana can draw it if need be — we shall see)

  3. whitecarabao commented on Ten Cats 25 days ago

    What Annie has to put up with!
    Chesney takes a lickin’ and keeps on kickin’

  4. whitecarabao commented on Broom Hilda about 1 month ago

    If Pastis had a hand in it, he has been a busy guy. Look at Brewster Rockit today.
    Maybe it’s contageous.
    (Actually I love puns)

  5. whitecarabao commented on Brewster Rockit about 1 month ago

    I immediately thought of Frank & Ernest, but Bruno is right — it’s more like ""Pearls"

  6. whitecarabao commented on Heavenly Nostrils about 1 month ago

    Yes, I like Marigold’s version, too. And it’s more satisfying.
    Dana, I love the artwork.

  7. whitecarabao commented on Ten Cats about 1 month ago

    Or, as my father put it: “I was just checking my eyelids for light leaks.”

  8. whitecarabao commented on Heavenly Nostrils 2 months ago

    Phoebe, you have the greatest mom…and dad and UNICORN!

  9. whitecarabao commented on Shoe 3 months ago

    One thing worse than guys who don’t put the seat down after they’ve finished using the toilet as a urinal is guys who don’t bother to put the seat UP BEFORE they use the toilet as a urinal.
    OK, Guys, how many of you have encountered that unpleasant surprise when you use the men’s room? Once is more than enough for me.

  10. whitecarabao commented on MythTickle 3 months ago

    The “off” setting is called “New moon”
    Justin, I love this story arc with its side excursions. And let me congratulate you once again an your artistry — the detailed drawing, your color pallette, your wonderful shading that gives depth without obscuring, and best of all, your multilevel humor. Keep it up!!!