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  1. LOWRIDER84 commented on Candorville 7 days ago

    But he is correct.

  2. LOWRIDER84 commented on The Boondocks 7 days ago

    He is correct. She is black. Remember the “One Drop Rule”.

  3. LOWRIDER84 commented on The Boondocks 19 days ago

    Even Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have said that when walking down the street, if they see a young, black punk coming toward them, they will cross to the other side of the street.
    They say they aren’t proud of it, but, better to not take chances.

  4. LOWRIDER84 commented on The Boondocks 19 days ago

    and hips, and thighs, and boobs, and comp-lection, etc, etc……

  5. LOWRIDER84 commented on Beardo 19 days ago

    It makes him, like most male baristas, a homo.

  6. LOWRIDER84 commented on Candorville 22 days ago

    Israel was created in 1948 by combining parts of Jordan, Egypt and Syria into a new state. The “Palestinians” were the merely unwanted minorities in the area. There has never been a nation called “Palestine” only a geographic region comprised of parts of other countries. If the Jews in Israel suddenly decided to leave and settle in Europe and America, giving the area to the “Palestinians”, it wouldn’t take long before Jordan, Egypt and Syria swept in, fought over the area and expelled (or murdered) the “Palestinians”. The “Palestinians” are just useful pawns for the rest of the Muslim world to use to attack Israel. No one in the Middle East really cares anything about the “Palestinians”.

  7. LOWRIDER84 commented on Candorville 22 days ago

    It is not possible to negotiate or compromise with medieval barbarians who are convinced that their “god” demands that they murder anyone who does not submit to their death cult (Islam).
    One does not negotiate or compromise with a rabid dog.
    One simply exterminates it.

  8. LOWRIDER84 commented on The Boondocks 22 days ago

    OK, how about, oh, I don’t know, TODAY?
    Assuming that all affluent whites have an irrational fear of all blacks, even small, young foolish ones?

  9. LOWRIDER84 commented on Monty about 1 month ago

    Hell, EVERYONE in this strip is UGLY!

  10. LOWRIDER84 commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    And nice boobs, too!