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  1. ArthurAllen commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 19 hours ago

    I thought Calvin and Hobbes lived in Ohio, so the call letters would be WACK.

  2. ArthurAllen commented on Dark Side of the Horse about 19 hours ago

    Did he walk over the Cliff?

  3. ArthurAllen commented on One Big Happy about 19 hours ago

    The Mad Magazine method of raising prices.

  4. ArthurAllen commented on Arlo and Janis about 19 hours ago

    I noticed that I got different ads when I traveled to San Diego. Those local ads followed me back to Seattle and hung on for a while. Kind of funny watching their attempts to have me use services I couldn’t possibly use.

  5. ArthurAllen commented on Calvin and Hobbes 3 days ago

    These days his mom would be charged for leaving Calvin in the car: for cruelty to kidnappers.

  6. ArthurAllen commented on Heavenly Nostrils 3 days ago

    Actually, considering that Rainbow Rocks is making its limited theatrical release this week, it’s same-old, same-old.

  7. ArthurAllen commented on Red and Rover 3 days ago

    Or, take a large solid disk, have the leaf blower blow through a hole in the middle and you have a hovercraft (air hockey puck) that you can move with a fan. It’s not so good for stopping for traffic.

  8. ArthurAllen commented on Over the Hedge 3 days ago

    “Bringing moon beams home in a jar…”

  9. ArthurAllen commented on One Big Happy 4 days ago

    To be fair, the commenting system in Creators is not user friendly. Acramax is okay, if you can stand the banner ads.

  10. ArthurAllen commented on Non Sequitur 4 days ago

    When he picked up the swords, it was time to split.