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  1. ArthurAllen commented on Red and Rover about 13 hours ago

    Moby Tadpole must be the host of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

  2. ArthurAllen commented on MythTickle 3 days ago

    No electronic devices are allowed, but they didn’t say anything about smoking.

  3. ArthurAllen commented on Lio 4 days ago

    They sell greeting cards at the dollar store. And I’m worried that Ishy is showing suckers on the tentacles about to wrap around Lio.

  4. ArthurAllen commented on Calvin and Hobbes 4 days ago

    No, and several other things he said were urban legend-ish. He was a high school biology teacher, and he is proof of the shortage of good science teachers in high school. One time he spent most of a class hour talking about the party lifestyle of a local basketball player. We didn’t say anything, because it beats having to do real school work.

    And a quick Google search revealed that exploding Alka Selzer gulls is an urban legend.

  5. ArthurAllen commented on Calvin and Hobbes 5 days ago

    My biology teacher said (among other questionable things) that Alka-Seltzer makes seagulls explode. I imagine carbonated beverages wouldn’t be good for hummingbirds.

  6. ArthurAllen commented on Red and Rover 6 days ago

    They make you sit on pads on the giant slides at the amusement park.

  7. ArthurAllen commented on Arlo and Janis 6 days ago

    There’s more to life than sex. Okay, I’m getting old too.

  8. ArthurAllen commented on Ozy and Millie 8 days ago

    Start flooding the culture with made-up words. That will increase my chances of making words in Scrabble.

  9. ArthurAllen commented on Dark Side of the Horse 8 days ago

  10. ArthurAllen commented on Richard's Poor Almanac 8 days ago

    If you could put it on headphones for the kids, great!