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  1. wcorvi commented on Frazz 9 days ago

    Because if he doesn’t then Jesus died for nothing.

  2. wcorvi commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 13 days ago

    Randy – your meds – take your meds.

  3. wcorvi commented on Ted Rall 16 days ago

    Actually, I don’t know anyone who leases any evils at all.

  4. wcorvi commented on Calvin and Hobbes 16 days ago

    Actually, I wouldn’t even TELL anyone about that, let alone brag. I mean, if you were illiterate, you wouldn’t.

  5. wcorvi commented on Frazz 19 days ago

    Thank you Captain Obvious.

  6. wcorvi commented on Doonesbury 19 days ago

    Sheldon Cooper: “Penny tells me the Kardashians aren’t REAL celebrities, so Geology is the Kardashians of science.”

  7. wcorvi commented on Over the Hedge 22 days ago

    Actually, TS Elliot had it right, ‘…not with a bang, but a wimper.’ The sun will become a red giant star in about five billion years, converting helium in its core to carbon and oxygen. Then a billion years after that it will become a planetary nebula, where its outer layers will be gently puffed off into space. Earth will be gradually and gently vaporized.

    Or, if you prefer, in a few years, god gunna call all his lil chilluns home.

    In either case, cockroaches will need more than twinkies to survive.

  8. wcorvi commented on Ted Rall 22 days ago

    If the best choices for president are either continuing the Clinton dynasty or the Bush dynasty, this country is in REAL trouble.

  9. wcorvi commented on Shoe about 1 month ago

    I don’t understand. Obama’s policies are more like Bush’s than anything, yet you never criticised him. Oh, yea, Bush was a Republcan.

  10. wcorvi commented on Bloom County about 1 month ago

    We could save a fortune, in money and aggravation, by skipping the campaigning and elections, and just choosing the candidate who raises the most money.