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  1. wcorvi commented on Ted Rall 8 days ago

    Yes, but the Repubs HATE him, simply for being a Dem.

  2. wcorvi commented on Get Fuzzy 24 days ago

    It’s because they can’t use their ‘powers’ for their own benefit – they don’t work that way. So, if I pay them for winning lottery numbers, they benefit, so the numbers will be wrong?

    Ask one if you have to pay them.

  3. wcorvi commented on Calvin and Hobbes 25 days ago

    I always thought ’barf ’ was onomatopoeic.

  4. wcorvi commented on Ted Rall 27 days ago

    If I pay over $1000 a month for insurance, do you think I should get something for it?

    If my company is founded on atheism, do you think I should be allowed to require my employees to get abortions?

    How much should an employer be allowed to meddle in the lives of his employees?

  5. wcorvi commented on Doonesbury 27 days ago


  6. wcorvi commented on Frazz 29 days ago

    Algebra is only useful if you know how to do it. Then it can be applied to most anything. Certainly you can live a happy life without it – my dog does that.

  7. wcorvi commented on Bloom County 29 days ago

    BUT, when they themselves do it, they aren’t gay, it was just the devil tempting them, and of course being human, they are weak. That little boy was the DEVIL!

  8. wcorvi commented on Arlo and Janis about 1 month ago

    Time to bring home the first sacrificial annuals.

  9. wcorvi commented on Bloom County about 1 month ago

    Thinking about the candidates EACH party has put forward so far, Bill and Opus now, more than ever!

  10. wcorvi commented on Tom the Dancing Bug about 1 month ago

    Yea, let’s get that straight!