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  1. wcorvi commented on Frazz 2 days ago

    It actually used to be that way – a Mid-summer Night’s Dream was June 21. But the earth takes about six weeks to change temperature, so mid-warmest is about August 2. This is what gave rise to Groundhog Day (Feb 2) indicating six more weeks of winter, March 21.

  2. wcorvi commented on Mike Luckovich 3 days ago

    The trouble is, women LOVE abusive men! Remeber John Bobbitt, his wife Lorena, and their domestic violence making national news? Ironically, he had a new girlfriend within minutes!

  3. wcorvi commented on Ted Rall 3 days ago

    One word: Halliburton.

  4. wcorvi commented on Pearls Before Swine 11 days ago

    The highest point in Iowa is a hoglot on a hot summer’s day.

  5. wcorvi commented on Ted Rall 17 days ago

    That sounds a lot like, ‘…if you aren’t saying anything illegal, you don’t have to WORRY about tapped phones and e-mail.’
    But what happens if you say ‘…maybe I’m tired of Democrats, and I’ll vote Republican.‘?
    Or in four years, ’…maybe I’m tired of Republicans, and I’ll vote Democrat.’?

  6. wcorvi commented on Bloom County 17 days ago

    I posed this experiment to friends yesterday – ask a Republican acquaintance who are the worst four presidents elected in the last 50 years. They will say, instantly, Obama, five seconds, Clinton, 20 seconds, Carter – then a long pause, and “…well all the rest were among our BEST presidents, so I can’t pick a fourth.” The thing each of those has in common is a D after his name. It’s not black skin, philanderer, or southern hick – it’s a D.
    Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush, Shrub, Quayle, Agnew, Palin, Bachmann, all have an R, so would be among the best.

    Now do you understand?

  7. wcorvi commented on Get Fuzzy 29 days ago

    Umm, that was Descartes, not Aristotle.

  8. wcorvi commented on Mike Luckovich about 1 month ago

    Isn’t this the lesson we SHOULD have learned from Viet Nam, and was going to be totally different in Iraq?

    Didn’t Bush and Cheney say that they were TOTALLY different? – That Viet Nam started with a V and Iraq started with an I?

  9. wcorvi commented on Doonesbury about 1 month ago

    The fact that the Koch Brothers made their billions in coal and oil couldn’t POSSIBLY be a factor in their support of no-global-warming, could it?

  10. wcorvi commented on Bloom County about 1 month ago

    The new term is “Historically Marginalized People”. It lays guilt uniformly, for everything.