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  1. steverino commented on The Knight Life about 20 hours ago

    I just saw some “Black and White” cookies at the deli. Are they a racial commentary, or perhaps a dig at the police?

  2. steverino commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 20 hours ago

    I’ve always thought the Magi were astrologers, as part of their profession. The “star” then wasn’t a literal star (or comet, or nova) but some alignment of the planets etc. interpreted by the Magi. Jesus was a Capricorn, then (“story-teller, natural leader, Messiah, generous…”)

  3. steverino commented on The K Chronicles 3 days ago

    Our friendly neighborhood Supreme Court Justice A. Scalia thinks that torture is against the 8th Amendment to the US Constitution, that is, “cruel and unusual.”

    But! that only applies to punishment— if you are being interrogated pre-trial, that’s A-OK because the 8th amendment doesn’t apply.

    So, to recap:
    Convicted and found guilty: can’t torture
    Held and presumed innocent: torture away!

  4. steverino commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 3 days ago

    I gladly pay for the LEDs— I’ve had to replace two over three or so years.

  5. steverino commented on Doonesbury 3 days ago

    I used to joke about finding a card that reads “To Mom On Her Wedding Day,” but that’s not so unusual any more.

    I just served as best man for my niece’s wedding: she never met her father (neither had I) and for this, her first wedding, her three daughters (11, 9, and 6) served as flower girls for Mom and their new stepfather.

  6. steverino commented on Crumb 3 days ago

    Kevin Drum at Mother Jones’ blog tells of his trip to England; they stayed at a B&B where they were told to leave the window ajar at night. The resident cat came in, napped on the bed with them, and then went off to the next guest room.

  7. steverino commented on Monty 3 days ago

    That’s the St. Pauli girl? I must be behind in my ads— the one I remember was a little more covered and had two steins in each hand.

  8. steverino commented on Cul de Sac 6 days ago

    I was raised Christian, my wife is Jewish. Neither of us are religious (when we married, she had an Xmas tree, I didn’t); she just likes the lights and decorations and giving presents. So, tonight we will light our menorah (with no ceremony) while our tree shines in the background.

  9. steverino commented on Monty 6 days ago

    check out: pagesix.com/2014/12/11/ed-cox-knocks-over-70k-vase-at-art-preservation-event/


  10. steverino commented on Monty 6 days ago

    The cats I had as a kid would bat at the tinsel, but they were pretty tree-safe. Neither they, nor the cats I had as an adult, were 5-o’clock “feed me!” types, either. I credit their upbringing.