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  1. steverino commented on Non Sequitur about 12 hours ago

    In my apt in FL, I made a cat flap that I blocked at night with an ottoman, more to keep the wildlife out than my cats in. They learned to shove it out of the way in the morning and let themselves out. I never had to clean the litter box unless it rained.

  2. steverino commented on Doonesbury about 12 hours ago

    Before turning on the light in the bedroom, I still say, “Bright light! Watch your eyes!” I worked in the sub control room, where at night we rigged for red/dark, and the smokers would say that before they flicked their Bic. It being a largish space, two smokers at a time were allowed (so as not to choke the rest).

  3. steverino commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 1 day ago

    Thomas Friedman the other day:

    "…I think that Nader Mousavizadeh, who co-leads the global consulting firm Macro Advisory Partners, is correct when he says: “When it comes to intervening in the Arab world’s existential struggle, we have to stop and ask ourselves why we have such a challenge getting them to help us save them.”

  4. steverino commented on The Knight Life 4 days ago

    Notice she’s not having a bath— no sense in taking chances!

  5. steverino commented on The Knight Life 6 days ago

    It’s Lucy, in the sky, with diamonds!

  6. steverino commented on Monty 6 days ago

    “Vat does dis remind you uff?”
    “Und dis?”
    “Dis vun?”
    “Young man, I dink you haff un obsession mit sex.”
    I have an obsession? Who’s been showing me all these dirty pictures?”

  7. steverino commented on Pearls Before Swine 6 days ago

    Mike Peters did something similar:


  8. steverino commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 7 days ago

    I haven’t been in a plane since 1995 (I like to drive, and have had no need to fly anywhere). Between all the security stories, and these tales of lack of space, I’m not inclined to, either.

    Although I’m sure the space is tighter, it didn’t seem like a big deal way back then if someone reclined, in those days before in-flight laptops and seat-back screens. One hundred pounds later, I’ll bet I’d notice now.

  9. steverino commented on The K Chronicles 7 days ago

    I’m curious… do they still have to wear hair-nets?

  10. steverino commented on The Knight Life 7 days ago

    If he had done it in watercolors, you could have been hung out to dry.