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  1. steverino commented on Crumb about 15 hours ago

    …and remember, cats need meat. You can’t put them on a vegan diet; it will kill them.

    By the same token, when you are old and poor and making your food choices, cat food has more protein and is better for you than dog food. Man cannot live on ramen alone, after all.

  2. steverino commented on Crumb about 15 hours ago

    This is a New Zealand strip. Probably some culinary delight like Vegamite.

  3. steverino commented on Monty about 15 hours ago

    “Vodka corrupts… and Absolut Vodka corrupts absolutely.”

  4. steverino commented on Cul de Sac 1 day ago

    When I was just out of HS I got a friend a box of crayons in her favorite color: purple. I did this by buying 16 boxes and taking the purple from each, and then carried those other 15 boxes around with me until recently, 30 years later, they were finally used up by my grand-nieces.

  5. steverino commented on Non Sequitur 6 days ago

    My retirement plan:
    1. Work until I die.
    2. Die young.

    “I have nothing; I owe much. The rest I leave to the poor.” —Will of Rabelais

  6. steverino commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 7 days ago

    A friend on Facebook posted statistics showing the US has more weapons than every army and individual in the rest of the world combined. It was supposed to be a good thing; contrasted with Iraq, where in ISIS-controlled areas they are banning all guns.

    Yep, no marauding armies terrorizing the countryside here! Must be all the weapons!

  7. steverino commented on The Knight Life 7 days ago

    …after first texting them to arrange a meet-up.

  8. steverino commented on Peanuts Begins 9 days ago

    “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.” —Groucho Marx

  9. steverino commented on The Knight Life 10 days ago

    I was just thinking about ’fros with the pick sticking in it… I see that occasionally these days. All it needs is the bell-bottoms and my flashback is complete. What brought it on was seeing a little girl with a “natural”; very cute. And then a woman with a natural (also cute!).

  10. steverino commented on Monty 13 days ago

    In his Asbury Park days, Bruce Springsteen would set up a Monopoly board onstage for his non-musical friends. They could say, “Yeah, I’m with the band. I play Monopoly!”