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  1. plus4 commented on Pearls Before Swine 14 days ago

    “why worry about an afterlife nobody can prove?”
    Show me someone who says something like this… and I’ll show you someone who’s grown up believing things to be “proven” that totally aren’t.

  2. plus4 commented on Pearls Before Swine 14 days ago

    If you have to resort to name-calling like “Bronze Age fairy tale,” you’re not going to be very convincing to people who already know much more about it than you do (including why it’s not a fairly tale).

  3. plus4 commented on B.C. 15 days ago

    The real joke isn’t Fox News. The real joke is people who think it’s funny to joke about Fox News.

  4. plus4 commented on FoxTrot Classics 17 days ago

    I guess you’re “going shallow.”

  5. plus4 commented on Fred Basset 28 days ago

    Actually, the phrase was used by Gilbert & Sullivan long before Pink Floyd.

  6. plus4 commented on Baldo about 1 month ago

    Dating a tree? Creepy.

  7. plus4 commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 month ago

    Thank you for giving us an example of an uninformed person who thinks others are uninformed.

  8. plus4 commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 1 month ago

    To those responding to exoticdoc2: He said there are no actual infinites in the material world. Is that really such an outrageous statement (whether actually accurate or not)?

  9. plus4 commented on Wizard of Id about 1 month ago

    Isn’t the balloon in the first panel pointing to the wrong person?

  10. plus4 commented on B.C. about 1 month ago

    I’ve always wondered where the idea of it being an apple came from.