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  1. Mr King commented on Mike Luckovich about 20 hours ago

    Democrats should have pushed for single payer healthcare and called it the National Defense Patriot Care Act.

  2. Mr King commented on Matt Wuerker about 20 hours ago

    It’s not a done deal yet. They just took thier case to Washington on Wednesday. That’s what Wuerke’s cartoon is about.
    There is still a chorus of commentators and non-profit groups have denounced the proposal, charging that it will further reduce competition in the cable and broadband industries.

  3. Mr King commented on Michael Ramirez about 21 hours ago

    Maybe we just don’t want one of our sons sent off to a bogus war again.

  4. Mr King commented on Ted Rall about 21 hours ago

    “The “Deniers” have been watching and waiting. Nothing yet”.

    Kinda like Jim Cantore on a Florida beach, eh?

  5. Mr King commented on Henry Payne about 21 hours ago

    Speaking of awards, where’s your Pulitzer Mr. Payne?
    The closest he came was a nomination in 1987.

    But I heard he won a prize from “Car and Driver”.

  6. Mr King commented on Jim Morin about 21 hours ago

    I didn’t remember this case so I looked it up. It happened in 2012, a year FSU end in the national championship.
    Usually the bruises and semen would be an indication of non-consent, except when it involves a star football player.

  7. Mr King commented on Mike Luckovich about 22 hours ago

    Here’s a link to a Republican being grilled by one of his constituents over the 50 repeal efforts. It’s worth a peak.


  8. Mr King commented on Joe Heller about 22 hours ago

    Today is Good Friday.
    Who else has to work like I do on a National holiday like I do?
    I deserve that crown of thorns.

  9. Mr King commented on Joe Heller about 22 hours ago

    Click his link and you’ll see Uncle Joe was being sarcastic.

  10. Mr King commented on Lisa Benson about 22 hours ago

    You never responded to the link I posted yesterday debunking that census thing – by the American Enterprise Institute.