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  1. Bandusia15 commented on Herman about 9 hours ago

    Just the opposite of today’s Born Loser.

  2. Bandusia15 commented on Jeff Stahler about 16 hours ago

    Take a close look at the button on the guy’s neck on the left side.

  3. Bandusia15 commented on Ted Rall about 16 hours ago

    “Hillary is the best of a bad bunch. "
    NOT EVEN CLOSE, not even with declared candidates.

  4. Bandusia15 commented on Ted Rall about 16 hours ago

    Democrats are, but the media is not.

  5. Bandusia15 commented on Jerry Holbert about 16 hours ago

    Trout, great to see you still here. I hope you remember a certain Canadian commenter with whom you generally agreed who was unfairly banned from here months ago, and who is now borrowing a friend’s account to be able to comment. (The plan is to only use this site for comics, not editorial cartoons, but this gentleman wanted to send a personal shout-out to you as you are one of the few here that he has admired and respected for years, who is still here.)

  6. Bandusia15 commented on Ricig's Toon Trivia about 16 hours ago

    GO HABS GO! (Personal note: Mike knew me online before the PNGs here decided I was no longer welcome. I am hoping to alert him to my presence, fueled by a friend’s [temporary?] ID, to allow me to comment. HINT: My avatar was a Canadiens symbol.

  7. Bandusia15 commented on Jeff Danziger about 20 hours ago

    That’d be right.

  8. Bandusia15 commented on Clay Bennett about 20 hours ago

    A 14 year old knows right from wrong. Or he should IF he were being raised with Christian values which the Duggars definitely think they have.

  9. Bandusia15 commented on The Grizzwells 10 months ago

    Larry, how is that different from any other male?

  10. Bandusia15 commented on Lisa Benson almost 2 years ago

    Before Ramirez’s cartoon, Clay Bennett had a GOP politician doing the daisy petal picking bit with CHOICE.