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  1. Bandusia15 commented on The Grizzwells 15 days ago

    Larry, how is that different from any other male?

  2. Bandusia15 commented on Lisa Benson 12 months ago

    Before Ramirez’s cartoon, Clay Bennett had a GOP politician doing the daisy petal picking bit with CHOICE.

  3. Bandusia15 commented on Chip Bok 12 months ago

    If you listen to some of Leno’s jokes, you’ll see that he doesn’t give Obama a free ride at all. As for governing, the Constitution left that up to Congress, with the President not having the ability to become a monarch or tyrant.

  4. Bandusia15 commented on Clay Bennett 12 months ago

    I did that all the way through university and got my degree. It was easier to do in school and got harder the older I got.

  5. Bandusia15 commented on Clay Bennett 12 months ago

    Ms Pelosi was referring to the media and she said: “We must pass… before you can read it…”

  6. Bandusia15 commented on Steve Benson 12 months ago

    What’s more Snowden said he was prepared to face the consequences of his whistle blowing, then fled like a coward. Both he and Julian Assange are pathetic attention seekers, first and foremost, self-interest not patriotism is their motivation.

  7. Bandusia15 commented on Signe Wilkinson 12 months ago

    What secrets do you have that would affect National security? None? Why does it matter if NSA snoops then?

  8. Bandusia15 commented on Steve Benson about 1 year ago

    I don’t believe you can see anything when your own head is stuck up your own butt.

  9. Bandusia15 commented on Steve Benson about 1 year ago

    And that’s exactly what’s wrong with American justice – it isn’t just. Zimmerman should not have been carrying a gun as a neighborhood watch captain. He was told by police not to follow Martin but he did. Both he and Martin had police records. Martin may have been high and aggressive as a result, but Zimmerman was stalking when he was told not to. The really horrifying things is: How could a man kill another and not be found guilty of anything?

  10. Bandusia15 commented on Nick Anderson about 1 year ago

    That is one sick comment.