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  1. Bandusia15 commented on The Grizzwells 10 months ago

    Larry, how is that different from any other male?

  2. Bandusia15 commented on Lisa Benson over 1 year ago

    Before Ramirez’s cartoon, Clay Bennett had a GOP politician doing the daisy petal picking bit with CHOICE.

  3. Bandusia15 commented on Chip Bok over 1 year ago

    If you listen to some of Leno’s jokes, you’ll see that he doesn’t give Obama a free ride at all. As for governing, the Constitution left that up to Congress, with the President not having the ability to become a monarch or tyrant.

  4. Bandusia15 commented on Clay Bennett over 1 year ago

    I did that all the way through university and got my degree. It was easier to do in school and got harder the older I got.

  5. Bandusia15 commented on Clay Bennett over 1 year ago

    Ms Pelosi was referring to the media and she said: “We must pass… before you can read it…”

  6. Bandusia15 commented on Steve Benson over 1 year ago

    What’s more Snowden said he was prepared to face the consequences of his whistle blowing, then fled like a coward. Both he and Julian Assange are pathetic attention seekers, first and foremost, self-interest not patriotism is their motivation.

  7. Bandusia15 commented on Signe Wilkinson over 1 year ago

    What secrets do you have that would affect National security? None? Why does it matter if NSA snoops then?

  8. Bandusia15 commented on Steve Benson over 1 year ago

    I don’t believe you can see anything when your own head is stuck up your own butt.

  9. Bandusia15 commented on Steve Benson almost 2 years ago

    And that’s exactly what’s wrong with American justice – it isn’t just. Zimmerman should not have been carrying a gun as a neighborhood watch captain. He was told by police not to follow Martin but he did. Both he and Martin had police records. Martin may have been high and aggressive as a result, but Zimmerman was stalking when he was told not to. The really horrifying things is: How could a man kill another and not be found guilty of anything?

  10. Bandusia15 commented on Nick Anderson almost 2 years ago

    That is one sick comment.