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  1. jerry6665 GoComics Pro Member commented on Signe Wilkinson 2 months ago

    very clever, signe but then i think if you look the word ‘clever’ up in the dictionary, it has your picture next to it!

  2. jerry6665 GoComics Pro Member commented on Rob Rogers 2 months ago

    i’ve learned how to save a lot of time! ignore anything that harleyquinn posts and move on. works like a charm!

  3. jerry6665 GoComics Pro Member commented on Doonesbury 2 months ago

    for whatever reason, medical/dental is now overpriced both in the cost of the education and the cost of services to the clients, in the states. when my dentist here in the states told me with a straight face that i should just take amortgage out on my house to pay his estimated $100K treatment plan, i knew this was the end of our dental system as we knew it.

    oh… and i got sick on the plane on the way down to costa rica and had to go to emergency down there. a state of the art hospital, 2 doctors checking me out using every test possible, 2 bags of iv ringers, 1 bag of iv antibiotic, an intern at my side the whole time and all meds, including some to take home with me, and even a blanket to take home- total cost, $368.48. yep. total. no insurance. that’s the retail price of their medical care.

    we’d better wake up in the states. single payer is used throughout the civilized world AND third world countries. despite our much higher cost of care, our mortality rates are not as good as theirs. plus, the nonsense stories you hear about waiting months for emergency care are bunk. other countries laugh at us for our primitive delivery of medical care. because i’m proud to be an American doesn’t mean i accept lies as truth because some loudmouth slaps the Flag across it. we’d better start listening and changing!

  4. jerry6665 GoComics Pro Member commented on Doonesbury 2 months ago

    i’m a headhunter. i used to think that the safest jobs were the ‘hands on’ jobs, plumber, electrician, etc. AND, medical/dental jobs. i was wrong. when you can go to costa rica (i went to the cavallini clinic) and get better care, more advanced care (they have their own labs in manyof the offices there) and get 8 implants, 24 crowns, all the xrays, ct scans, molds, night guards, gum reshaping, and many more things thrown in…. for under $13,000- why would ANYone still go to our dentists. the biggest benefit of going outside the states is the compassionate, personal care you get. the fact that it’s about 20% of the cost in the states is just icing on the cake.

  5. jerry6665 GoComics Pro Member commented on Andertoons 3 months ago

    naw, that would mean he’d need drapes to define himself. this way, he can avoid the windex and birds smashing into him.

  6. jerry6665 GoComics Pro Member commented on The K Chronicles 3 months ago

    way cool, keef. it’s great to see that turner is still the one who’s doing his strip. and, great to see you putting a colleague up for kudos!

    b/t/w, hope the car accident is in your rear view mirror now.

  7. jerry6665 GoComics Pro Member commented on Tom Toles 3 months ago

    that’s what we got when obama decided to negotiate with petulant children whose only objective was to stamp their feet, fold their arms and scream ‘i hate you, i hate you’… it’s about time we stopped catering to tantrums and began to get some good work done. just put the children in ‘time out’ until they’re willing to do the work that they were elected to do!

  8. jerry6665 GoComics Pro Member commented on Ted Rall 3 months ago

    uh, skippy,
    get the facts straight. throwing psuedo-patriotic phrases into your post doesn’t make it any more true than most of those posts you’ve made. iraq was destroyed under bush. billions of dollars-entire pallets of money-were stolen under bush. the most civilians were killed under bush. let’s not even discuss the destruction of the ‘hearts and minds’ under bush.
    and, you wonder why al queda is back? talk to someone who lived in the middle east, or better still, talk to many someones who lived there. iraq still doesn’t have water service in most places and the and the utilities are still a shambles- which is how we left them, b.t.w.
    the people who whine that obama blames bush for everything forget or ignore that it was bush who did this all and that obama was left a steaming pile to clean up. and, you know it takes many times as long to clean up a mess than it did to make it.

  9. jerry6665 GoComics Pro Member commented on Tim Eagan 3 months ago

    morty… c’mon, it’s making a point. surely, you can wrap your brain around artistic license, can’t you? this was a brilliant cartoon with a clever take on the situation.
    b/t/w, there IS land at the north pole. even little children know THAT!

  10. jerry6665 GoComics Pro Member commented on Lalo Alcaraz 3 months ago

    well said! and, if we keep the masses uneducated and working two jobs to make ends meet, there will be no one to complain in the future. one would think tht the average citizen who lived through the meltdown of neil bush’s savings and loan debacle and the crash of george w’s hot air balloon would pay attention to how much the country lost. we lost face, we lost the middle class and the upper middle class, we lost a future that included the preponderance of the citizens of the United States.

    When a massive devastation occurs, it cannot be fixed in a day. we are STILL suffering from those cataclysmic blows and despite the efforts of the neo-republican party to destroy obama regardless of the detrimental effects on the country, we are inching out of the hole the tea party republicans and the bush family put us in. i miss my ‘old’ republican party.