PreTeena by Allison Barrows

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  1. Zero-Gabriel

    Zero-Gabriel GoComics PRO Member said, 4 months ago

    Someone should ROTTEN-EGG that old bat’s house… with a Mortar/Catapult/Bazooka…

  2. cdward

    cdward said, 4 months ago

    Or simply ignore here. Or mimic her. That would be fun.

  3. K.C. Fahel

    K.C. Fahel said, 3 months ago

    There used to be a YOUNG man who would yell at the kids who walked past our buildings. My husband reminded him, “You know, we’re in the path of THREE schools!” One night some HS kids decided to get revenge on the guy by b-b shooting out his car windows; unfortunately, one of the b-bs hit one of our car windows. My husband stopped a couple of the kids and told them, “I’m not saying that you did it, but I know you know who did. It’s going to cost [$] to fix our window.” The next day, under our windshield wiper, was an envelope with [$]. The funny thing is, even the rude guy was more upset about our window getting hit than his own! “You guys didn’t DO anything!”

  4. Todd Dolce'

    Todd Dolce' said, 3 months ago

    Allison,..I love your pen work on this strip. I’m assuming a crowquill nib?

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