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Poorly Drawn Lines

By Reza Farazmand
Jan 27, 2014
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Kevin:  Ernesto, you got a friend request.
Ernesto: A what?
Kevin:  It's a request for friendship. From... Anthony.
Kevin:  He'd like some of your friendship.
Ernesto: How much friendship do I have to give him?
Kevin:  Not a lot. Barely any at all, actually. He might try to give you some of his friendship though. 
Ernesto: Oh God. That just...sounds like a lot to deal with. 
Kevin:  I know, I know. 
Ernesto: Why does this have to happen to me? 
Kevin:  You could just ignore it.
Ernesto: Yes yes! I ignore it. 
Kevin:  Ignoring it.
Anthony: There's still a chance...
Jan 31, 2014
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