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Pooch Cafe

By Paul Gilligan
Apr 2, 2011
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Squirrel 1: … and then I transferred planes again in budapest! I had the poor sap following me all over eastern europe!
Squirrel 1: He caught up with me on the trans-siberian express, but I jumped train just as it was pulling out of the station! You shoulda seen the look on his face!
Squirrels: Ha ha ha ha what a maroon! Ha ha ha!
Squirrel 2: Uh-oh, here he comes again.
Squirrel 3: He's fumin'!
Squirrel 1: Alrighty, see you gents in a few days.
Squirrel 4: Don't forget we're having you and Karen over for dinner wednesday.
Apr 4, 2011
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