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By Charles Schulz
Oct 23, 1999
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Rerun is standing on the porch calling out to Lucy.<BR><BR> Rerun walks out into the yard.  "Lunch time!"<BR><BR> Rerun comes up to Lucy, who is holding the football in place for Charlie to kick and says, "Mom says to come in for lunch."  Lucy ignores Rerun and says to Charlie, "So I'll hold the ball, Charlie Brown, and you come running up and kick it."<BR><BR> Rerun interrupts, "She says right now!"  Lucy says, "Oh, good grief!"<BR><BR> Charlie says, "That's all right.. We'll do it some other time.."<BR><BR> Lucy says, "No, Rerun can take my place."<BR><BR> Charlie walks back to get a running start as Rerun sets the ball.  Charlie says, This time I'll do it!  This time I'll kick it.. Rerun will never pull it away.. he just wouldn't.."<BR><BR> Charlie running toward the ball yells, "So here we go!"<BR><BR> Rerun returns home with the football and approaches Lucy, eating her lunch.  Lucy says, "What happened?  Did you pull the ball away?  Did he kick it?  What happened?"<BR><BR> Rerun replies, "You'll never know.."  Lucy let's out classic, "AAUGH!"<BR><BR>
Oct 25, 1999
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