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By Charles Schulz
Mar 6, 1976
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Charlie Brown runs along flying his kite.  He continues to run along pulling the kite behind him.<BR><BR> Snoopy is puzzled as a string wraps itself around his nose as he lies on his back atop the doghouse.<BR><BR> The string lifts him off the doghouse and flies him along with the kite.<BR><BR> Charlie Brown runs along pulling Snoopy and the kite behind him.<BR><BR> Charlie Brown drops the string and shouts,"I give up!! I'll never get this kite in the air!"<BR><BR> A dazed Snoopy sits on the ground, next to the kite, with the string wrapped around his nose.  He walks off dragging the kite behind him.<BR><BR> He lies on the doghouse with the kite still dangling from him and thinks,"Why couldn't I have been owned by some kindly old rancher in Wyoming?"<BR><BR>
Mar 8, 1976
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