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By Charles Schulz
Mar 18, 1967
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Charlie Brown runs, flying his kite.<BR><BR> He looks up at the kite as he goes.<BR><BR> He stands still and tugs at the string.<BR><BR> The string, suddenly loose, comes tumbling down. Charlie Brown is horrified.<BR><BR> Linus stands, sucking his thumb and holding his blanket.<BR><BR> Linus stares at a huge, tangled ball of string. He clutches his blanket at his side.<BR><BR> Linus stares as he watches the ball of string moves.<BR><BR> Linus stands.<BR><BR> He walks.<BR><BR> Linus stands behind Lucy, who sits on the cushion, watching TV. He exclaims, "The strangest thing just happened..I was standing out on the lawn when all of a sudden this big pile of string walked by!" [PANEL 11]: Lucy turns to Linus, who sits on the floor sucking his thumb. She comments, "I think you and that blanket need a long rest."<BR><BR>
Mar 20, 1967
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