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By Charles Schulz
May 12, 1955
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Charlie Brown and Schroeder are talking in the field.  Charlie Brown says,"I have a tune that keeps running through my mind.." Schroeder responds, "That's strange...I have, too, Charlie Brown.."(BR) (BR) He claps his hands and continues, "It's that part in Brahms' second where the piano goes 'Deedle Deedle Deedle'.."(BR) (BR) He raises his fist and passionately continues, "And then the orchestra follows with,'Bahm, Baahm, BAHM, BAHM, Beedle'.."(BR) (BR) He waves his hands and continues, "And then the piano comes in again, 'DUM DUM DUM Dlum Tdlum Tlua...' and..."  Charlie Brown walks off sighing.(BR) (BR)
May 14, 1955
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