Dec 25, 1954
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Charlie Brown: Merry 'day after Christmas'! May I come in?
Schroeder: You'll never believe this, I know, but I was hoping you'd come over..
Schroeder: I want you to see all the nice Christmas presents I got, Charlie Brown..
Schroeder: Look! A new toy piano! Charlie Brown: Black keys just painted on, I see..
Schroeder: A new statue of Beethoven..
Charlie Brown: Very Scowlly..
Schroeder: A new Beethoven sweatshirt...
Schroeder: A Beethoven ball-point pen..." Schroeder: A twelve-volume biography of Beethoven in comic book form... Schroeder: And a year's supply of Beethoven bubble gum!
Schroeder: Oh, yes...I almost forgot...I also got an electric train..
Schroeder: Now, what in the world am I going to do with an electric train?!
Dec 27, 1954
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