What do you get when you hold the concept of webcomics beneath an electron microscope? What secrets does a peek at its atoms reveal? The answer lies within Webcomic Name by Alex Norris.

Norris, already the noted GoComics creator of the poetic Dorris McComics, began his latest series last year. At first glance, Webcomic Name seems to function as a kind of three-panel gag parody -- a deconstruction of tropes as they relate to youth culture's inherent foibles -- but it goes deeper. Rather than bag on his contemporaries (or himself), Norris distils and freshly seasons comic strip truths. The raw iconography (cartooning!) of his blobby characters, limited color palate, and dedication to a single running gag transcend formulae by injecting joyful intent. The comics delight because, tropes and all, the trends they reference satisfy every time. It's like some sort of human nature pizza.


Get your piping fresh slice of human nature pizza starting today with Webcomic Name, running every Monday through Friday on GoComics.



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