Have you heard the news? On Mon., March 30, a precocious little girl and her unicorn best friend jumped onto the funny pages of more than 100 newspapers worldwide.


We’re not the only ones buzzing with excitement about the sparkly, magical world of Phoebe and Her Unicorn launching in newspapers. Creator Dana Simpson and her comic strip have been the subject of many articles this week, and we want to share a few of them with you!


“It's only 10 a.m. on a Monday in Auburn, Wash., but cartoonist Dana Simpson is already on her second interview of the morning. It's the price of success, but Simpson is happy to pay it — even if it's come a little abruptly, and a little late.” – via


“That Universal Uclick found more than 100 publications to carry Dana Simpson's Phoebe And Her Unicorn marks me as worth noting for a few reasons. One, that's an excellent launch, just by sheer numbers one of the best in that company's history. Two, I believe there's an historical aspect that hasn't been made part of how the strip has been presented, and I'll respect that here, although I'm thrilled by what that represents.” – via The Comics Reporter 


“From Marigold and Phoebe’s relationship, she hopes people will see 'the value of friends who you don’t have to change yourself for; the value of friends who will just accept you for you. … Phoebe gets to just be entirely herself, and Marigold sometimes makes fun of her for it but doesn’t really ever judge her for it.'” – via NewsOK 


“Marigold Heavenly Nostrils is nothing like 'My Little Pony,' and fans of Dana Simpson love it. The self-absorbed unicorn is one of two characters at the heart of Simpson’s popular comic 'Phoebe and Her Unicorn,' a story about 9-year-old Phoebe and her one-horned best friend.” –via Los Angeles Daily News 


“'Unicorns are everywhere,' [Dana Simpson] said. 'Maybe not literal unicorns, but you never know what’s around the next corner that will change your life completely.'” – via Deseret News 


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