Is there a more harmonious relationship in nature than cartoonists and martinis?

"Yes," is what you'd likely hear me answer.  

Now you may think I'm being too cheeky in my reply, but I think you'll be whistling your tune on a different harpsichord after I tell you what a certain Mr. Bill "Foxtrot" Amend is up to. 

It's called "Bored Napkins" and it's over on the Instagram where folks are loving it with a recklessness that hasn't been seen since Nancy made the ill-advised statement to Sluggo that she was glad his parents were dead. It blends Bill's delicious interest in pop culture, gaming, comics and cursing.

Bill says, "Sometimes I get bored at bars and draw cartoons of questionable value on napkins."

Nothing questionable about it, Bill, these are so great that I don't even take it personally that I'm usually with you when you get "bored at bars." #ivegothurtfeelings