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  1. ConserveGov

    ConserveGov said, almost 3 years ago

    And the low-information folks just drank it up…….

  2. wolfhoundblues1

    wolfhoundblues1 said, almost 3 years ago

    This strip is perfect.

  3. Enoki

    Enoki said, almost 3 years ago

    “…but that’s your fault not mine!”

  4. Colonel Claus

    Colonel Claus said, almost 3 years ago

    Whats really sad is that many still trust Obamaramalaladingdong

  5. retpost

    retpost said, almost 3 years ago

    You only get to keep it if it is real insurance.

  6. ARodney

    ARodney said, almost 3 years ago

    Follow the link to see that it’s Michael wme who is lying… the NYT says no such thing.

  7. ARodney

    ARodney said, almost 3 years ago

    What’s more, there’s a grandfather clause that says that insurance companies can keep offering their bad policies if they want. The cancellation letters are due to business decisions by the insurance companies, not the ACA.

  8. Mike Lester

    Mike Lester GoComics PRO Member said, almost 3 years ago

    from Forbes: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2013/10/31/forbes-obama-officials-predicted-2010-93-million-would-lose-health-pl#ixzz2jJGbh1b1

  9. DGF999

    DGF999 said, almost 3 years ago

    “Face it, Kent. You f’ed up, you trusted us!” – Animal House

  10. trm

    trm said, almost 3 years ago

    Translation: Obozo’s claim that “you can keep your existing coverage” is a lie, and he’s been lying about it since at least 2010.

    Here’s an article from DNC house-organ The Washington Post that flatly states that Obozo is a liar:

  11. lonecat

    lonecat said, almost 3 years ago

    I really don’t care much about Obama. I’m much more concerned with policy. The US really needs universal health insurance. The ACA is not a particularly good way of providing universal health insurance, though it’s probably better than nothing, which is what was in place before. There are much better ways. The Canadian single-payer system is one, but there are others. If we’re really interested in improving the country, we should be talking about how to provide health insurance for everyone.

  12. lonecat

    lonecat said, almost 3 years ago

    I think we are in agreement. When I say universal insurance, I don’t (necessarily) mean private insurance. In Ontario, where I live, we have single-payer, but it’s called OHIP, which I believe stands for Ontario Health Insurance Plan. It’s insurance, but single-payer government insurance. It’s not a perfect system, but most people like it pretty much. But there are other systems, and some of them, I gather, involve private companies, though (if I understand rightly) they aren’t allowed to make a profit on the basic plan, but just on the extras. I don’t have experience of such systems, so I can’t judge them, but I wouldn’t exclude them from consideration. But I think we can agree first that profit should be removed from the system, and second that single-payer is at least one of the attractive options.

  13. phdtogo

    phdtogo said, almost 3 years ago


    Sing the Internationale for us ARod. Soft lefties like you will be the first to die when the hard left has complete control. Like Karensky you will be swept away with the tide. Go ahead, strike the match and watch the flames consume the nation.

  14. wmconelly

    wmconelly said, almost 3 years ago

    Yeah, shutting down the Government for 24 BILLION Dollars all makes sense now… Or am I not supposed to notice the bald hypocrisy?

  15. trm

    trm said, almost 3 years ago

    Yeah, I know… the truth hurts.
    Keep suckin’ that koolaid!

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