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Marshall Ramsey

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  1. Zuhlamon

    Zuhlamon GoComics PRO Member said, 34 minutes ago

    y’know, I’m gonna copy/paste a post I made on Bob Gorrell’s toon. Seems apt here, too,
    People who are paid perfectly good money to work for FOX “News”, whose sole purpose for existence is the regurgitation of vile propaganda from the Republican party, have been ordered to “say nice things” about the Republican nominee. Thing is, what does it tell you about those people and that organization when that nominee embodies all the nasty attributes those very same people have been saying about our current President over the last 8 years?
    The term “Political Whores” comes to mind, when the compromise of their ethics and principles are financially compensated (ditto the political cartoonists who know better).
    However, I think some of the GoComics trolls on these boards are guilty of the same behavior, and can be better described as “Political Sluts” because they’re not even paid for their hypocrisy. Then again, they don’t care, because they can’t even admit it to themselves – or maybe their hate won’t let them even consider alternatives.
    They’re the ones who assert that they’d vote for a “ham sandwich” before voting for Clinton.
    Perhaps a DIY Rhinoectomy kit would appeal to those people.

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