Mar 2, 2013
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Mr. Snyder: Oh my! My goodness! 
Mrs. Snyder: ?
Mr. Snyder: I just saw Winslow outside in the dark. 
Mrs. Snyder: So? 
Mr. Snyder: Well... he wasn't alone! 
Mrs. Snyder: He wasn't alone? 
Mr. Snyder: It wasn't human! 
Mrs. Snyder: Oh-h-h-h noh-h-h-h. Luther! You're incorrigible. 
Dog Gone Funny: West Chester, PA. Mrs. Ruth McFarland has a yellow lab named Madison. She is either in her chair or on her bed in front of the TV. When an animal appears on  the screen, her nose is up close with lots of barking then she turns and looks at Ruth to be sure Ruth saw what she was barking at.
Mar 4, 2013
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