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By Brad Anderson
Oct 15, 2011
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Dottie: Marmaduke looks so sad. 
Phil: What's his problem? Maybe it's his doghouse. Your doghouse could use a fresh coat of paint. And you get to pick out the colors. Your choice. Any color. Maybe paint a little dab... do you like yellow again? How about red? or blue? Or....
Dottie: How is the painting going? 
Phil: Well, he's made a decision. He wants a rainbow. 
Dog Gone Funny: Fort Thomas, KY. Gisela Herdler has lucky a lab mix with big paws. When the yard is muddy, Lucky's paw have to be washed before entry to the house. Shadow, their Lhasa Apso, watches with great interest, stands in line and waits his turn...although he hasn't been outside.
Oct 17, 2011
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