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By Brad Anderson
Aug 27, 2011
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Dottie: Marm! 
Marmaduke: WOOF! 
Phil: Are you taking Marmaduke for a walk? 
Dottie: Yes. 
Phil: Good luck. 
Dottie: Marm! Where are you going? Stay on the sidewalk! No! No! NO! Turn right! Do you hear me? Go the other way! <Splash! Splash!> 
Phil: Well, how did the walk go? 
Dottie: <Puff, puff >He doesn't steer easily.
Dog Gone Funny: Highspire, PA Douglas E. Dockey had Chaos, a pit bull who loved headgear. Party hats at New Year's. Antlers at Christmas hats on any holiday. On Halloween he's wear horns stick his head out the car window and bark to get attention.
Aug 29, 2011
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