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  1. BillWa

    BillWa GoComics PRO Member said, 14 days ago

    Actually, the Indigenous people died out hundreds of years ago, so they are irrelevant as well. So it’s Columbus Day. Oh, and I speak as a proud Native American. And since I was born in Pennsylvania, the second state of the union, I can call myself that. The Indians never got beyond birchbark canoes and wooden huts while the Europeans were living in stone houses and traveling the world. Tell again how the Indians were better?

  2. del_grande

    del_grande GoComics PRO Member said, 14 days ago

    It depends on the definition of “indigenous person”. I like to think that the term applies to anyone born here, like “native American”.

    If somebody has a problem with Columbus Day (for example, he didn’t land on the North American continent on October 12, 1492 (and assuming he did land somewhere on that date, wasn’t that under the Julian calendar – shouldn’t the real date be something like October 24?), how about Explorers Day, dedicated to the people who took to the “great unknown”, starting with the ones that came to this continent from Asia thousands (if not tens of thousands) of years ago?

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