Magic in a Minute by Mac and Bill King

Magic in a Minute

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  1. unclescrooge

    unclescrooge said, 6 days ago

    You would have to do this trick shortly after putting the
    cement on the card so it does not dry out and not stick.
    How do you make sure he picks the card you have drawn
    on? Or is he so amazed that he does not notice that the
    card with the drawing is not the card he picked? I don’t
    understand this one! I think there is something missing
    in the explanation, or I just don’t get it! HELP!

  2. CougarAllen

    CougarAllen said, 5 days ago

    1. He picks a card while they are face down. Reread Panel 2.
    2. Rubber cement will remain sticky enough to lift the weight of a card for a long time.

  3. yusodum

    yusodum said, 5 days ago


    In the last panel where he’s holding up the card, he’s not holding up one card. He’s holding up two cards glued tightly together.

    In the drawing in the middle (and place the chosen card on top) the top card that he is putting on is the card he actually chose. The one he is putting it on top of is “your” card with the drawing and the glue.

    So you just need to get your prepared card to the top of the pile somehow. The other guy never touches it.

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