Nov 17, 2012
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Mom: "I'm thankful that our family is together"
Dad: "I'm thankful for this bounty"
Luann: "I'm thankful for our good health"
Brad: "I'm thankful for our good health"
Brad: "Ditta all the above. Let's eat!"
Luann: "Brad! You can't DITTO!"
Brad: "Why, is there a rule?"
Luann: "Ditto just says, I'm lazy"
Brad: "No, it says, I agree"
Luann: "Think of your OWN thing!"
Brad: "Fine! I'm thankful I don't live with you!"
Mom: "I'd like to retract my thankful"
Dad: "While they argue, let's enjoy some bounty"
Nov 19, 2012
Small u 201701251613

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