Lost Side of Suburbia by Kory Merritt

Lost Side of Suburbia


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  1. Dr. Oetker Pistazien

    Dr. Oetker Pistazien said, 11 months ago

    Oh Yeah! Go Goatsucker Go!

  2. Three Steps Over Japan

    Three Steps Over Japan said, 11 months ago

    Blyme: “Yes, keep going, little chupe. We’ve got all week…”

  3. dirtyoldlady1

    dirtyoldlady1 said, 11 months ago

    Isn,t it about time for Lewis to show up?
    Blessed Be

  4. KayShapero

    KayShapero said, 11 months ago

    Go Goatsucker!!

  5. Silversummer

    Silversummer GoComics PRO Member said, 11 months ago

    Never underestimate the ferocity of a cornered chupe. Goatsucker will hold her own. DOL, I believe you meant Lucius, and I too hope he shows up and plays ‘pin the Blyme’ with that weapon of his.

  6. Sisyphos

    Sisyphos said, 11 months ago

    Way to go, Goatsucker!
    Slash them to ribbons, then take Phintesmo out! —Maybe with some long-due help.
    (Please, Kory, let our little heroine have some help!)

  7. waycyber

    waycyber said, 11 months ago

    Miss Goatsucker. You seem to be upset about something. Can we talk?

  8. Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist said, 11 months ago

    I love Goatsucker. Perhaps my favourite character on this strip.

  9. J2P2

    J2P2 said, 11 months ago

    But what’s Blyme waiting for? Will he turn the tide? Hope not…

  10. Three Steps Over Japan

    Three Steps Over Japan said, 11 months ago


    “But what’s Blyme waiting for?”

    Goatsucker to realize that they’re just using her for exercise…

  11. T_Lexi

    T_Lexi said, 11 months ago

    “…his smile hanging like icicles in the mist.”
    Brrrr… I am amazingly creeped out. (Send help NOW Kory!)

  12. arsmall

    arsmall said, 11 months ago


  13. route66paul

    route66paul said, 11 months ago

    Goat sucker half fox and half Chihuahua – it is the Chihuahua that gives it bravery.

  14. jmcx4

    jmcx4 said, 11 months ago

    Goatie done gone Chuck Norris.

  15. jadoo823

    jadoo823 said, 11 months ago

    …come on calvary!! I want to see HECKBENDER!! Leetle Spiny Creetur needs help!!

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