Lio by Mark Tatulli


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  1. SKJAM!

    SKJAM! GoComics PRO Member said, 6 months ago

    Sometimes technology assists us in ways the designers hadn’t thought of.

  2. TEMPLO S.U.D.

    TEMPLO S.U.D. said, 6 months ago

    I hope that pencil doesn’t snap under Lio’s weight.

  3. Ira Nayman

    Ira Nayman said, 6 months ago

    Lio has great taste in literature.

  4. Sisyphos

    Sisyphos said, 6 months ago

    Another good use for the Laptop 9000. YAY for real “hard copy” books, too! Wise choice, Lio.

  5. Josh  Lyons

    Josh Lyons GoComics PRO Member said, 6 months ago


    In the first panel, the laptop reads “Laptop 9000”. At the last panel, he’s reading a book entitled “K is for Kubrick”.
    Sort of a nod to the1968 (and often lampooned) movie
    2001: A Space Odyssey, directed by the late Stanley Kubrick..

  6. Erik Van Thienen

    Erik Van Thienen said, 6 months ago

    No HAL 9000 on Lio’s watch!

  7. Dogsniff

    Dogsniff said, 6 months ago

    Looks like his eyes are wide shut.

  8. sweetaddietude

    sweetaddietude GoComics PRO Member said, 6 months ago

    Love it !!!

  9. jerry67

    jerry67 said, 6 months ago

    Buying a Laptop PC instead of a Notebook PC is like buying an icebox instead of a refrigerator. There’s quite a difference.

  10. Simon_Jester

    Simon_Jester said, 6 months ago

    Little bit of Trivia….where the name, ‘HAL’ came from.
    Find each of the letters of the alphabet that come after, ‘H’, ‘A’, and, ‘L’

  11. Simon_Jester

    Simon_Jester said, 6 months ago

    @TEMPLO S.U.D.

    We can only hope it has a Full Metal Jacket

  12. luvdafuneez

    luvdafuneez said, 6 months ago


    Interesting. Can use that for Jeopardy. Thanx!

  13. Comic Minister

    Comic Minister said, 6 months ago

    Such a waste on technolgy.

  14. seismic-2

    seismic-2 GoComics PRO Member said, 6 months ago

    Lio knows to point the computer’s camera away from him! It can read lips!

  15. Skywatcher68

    Skywatcher68 said, 6 months ago


    Sorry, no. Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2001, said: As is clearly stated in the novel (Chapter 16), HAL stands for Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer. However, about once a week some character spots the fact that HAL is one letter ahead of IBM, and promptly assumes that Stanley and I were taking a crack at the estimable institution … As it happened, IBM had given us a good deal of help, so we were quite embarrassed by this, and would have changed the name had we spotted the coincidence.

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