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  1. Robert Landers

    Robert Landers said, 8 months ago

    I so not know exactly how totally true this one is, but it IS truly funny!!

  2. iangoodson

    iangoodson said, 8 months ago

    Ever come across a man who is a monster to his family and a saint to the outside world? It’s not two contradictory narratives.

  3. Gary Kleppe

    Gary Kleppe said, 8 months ago


    You’re missing the point, probably willfully. It’s nothing to do with family. Both of these narratives are how he comes off to Republicans.

  4. Enoki

    Enoki said, 8 months ago

    What? Spineless dictator at home, spineless abroad…. Where’s the problem? Obama is essentially a political jellyfish.

  5. MrSmee

    MrSmee GoComics PRO Member said, 8 months ago

    Totally brilliant…I truly laughed out loud! One doesn’t need pages of explanation to understand the currnt state of Kafkaesque politics in the USA because of the Republican Party…it’s all here! Bravo!

  6. ossiningaling

    ossiningaling said, 8 months ago

    Ooh, a narrative and a counter narrative! Just like how they do government in New Jersey!

  7. Larry

    Larry said, 8 months ago

    Good cartoon, great art!
    Well done.

  8. Stipple

    Stipple said, 8 months ago

    Republican duplicity? “everybody knows that”

    Did you know the Wright brothers towed advertising behind bicycles?

  9. mbraun

    mbraun said, 8 months ago

    I guess his “pen and a phone” didn’t work in Crimea! LOL

  10. Enoki

    Enoki said, 8 months ago


    Better that than Obama being “…more flexible…” and finding out that Putin knows origami.

  11. wmconelly

    wmconelly said, 8 months ago

    Kallaugher never struck me as a voting Democrat, but he’s sure starting to… Pay attention, fellow voters.

  12. churchillwasright

    churchillwasright said, 8 months ago


    Stewart may have video of Fox blaming things on Clinton, but they don’t have any of BOOOOSH blaming things on Clinton.

    Barry can’t make a speech without referring to BOOOOSH, or the “Previous Administration”.

    See the difference? (I doubt it.)

  13. churchillwasright

    churchillwasright said, 8 months ago


    Prove it.

  14. iangoodson

    iangoodson said, 8 months ago

    @Gary Kleppe

    You’re missing the point. It’s not about family, it’s about two different behaviours in two different situations from the same person.

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