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  1. comyics

    comyics said, almost 7 years ago

    Improving the air and earth and a better way of utilizing energy, really is a healthy way to go. Lets get some creatives to come up with some new green jobs that everybody can do. Not only a few managers that have 30 years experience making fossil fuel.

    Start getting rid of landfills, and making packages dissolvable. Less trash less massive air pollutants. Instead of driving miles to get to work, lets have work close enough to each of us to bike to work, or work at home. Lets Get These At Home Jobs Started! WOOO. Im sure many of you are with me on that. We can produce and ship items from home, at home business on treadmills to keep fit. 3-4 day work weeks. 1 day emphasised on health fitness day a week. Better food, gardeners galore. Fruits and vegtables. Jobs Jobs Jobs, healthy jobs, extra time with family, homeschool. All this is good. Yah!

  2. omQ R

    omQ R said, almost 7 years ago

    ”What if it’s all a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing!”

    Oh, excellent!

  3. Bruce4671

    Bruce4671 said, almost 7 years ago

    comYics is right but those things don’t require total dependance on the governement to provide and therefore a permanent job for the politicians that cut the relief check….

  4. JDG

    JDG said, almost 7 years ago

    I love the sarcasm in the toon…”created a better world for nothing”!!

  5. Anthony 2816

    Anthony 2816 said, almost 7 years ago

    So true, so true…and Scott nails it.

    The pollution-lovers like Scott will win because their way is easier and cheaper…for now.

    And so what if it makes the world worse for our kids…the rapture will occur before then, right, Scott? So the only kids left will be those who deserve to live in a polluted, ruined world.

  6. Anthony 2816

    Anthony 2816 said, almost 7 years ago

    C’mon, Avator, show us some proof that massive production of CO2, plus massive destruction of CO2 removal mechanisms like the rain forests, not to mention other pollutants, has *no* worldwide effect.

    And just to save time, please avoid sources that are fundie christian, or financed by the oil companies?

    And perhaps, just to put things in perspective, you could tell us why you’re so pro-pollution?

  7. omQ R

    omQ R said, almost 7 years ago

    ^ av8tor demands: ”Meanwhile, the EPA is displaying criminal negligence with respect to one of its duly authorized responsibilities. It should be investigating the matter of fraudulent claims, and suppressed data, at the University of East Anglia in England

    How an earth does an American agency “investigate” a British academic instituition? Talk about arrogance…sheesh…

    Motivemagus provided us with this Associated Press investigation into the 1073 emails stolen from the University of East Anglia:

    E-mails stolen from climate scientists show they stonewalled skeptics and discussed hiding data - but the messages don’t support claims that the science of global warming was faked, according to an exhaustive review by The Associated Press.

  8. Anthony 2816

    Anthony 2816 said, almost 7 years ago

    Nice sentiment, Charlie, but too many fundie-christians like Av8tor, Puppy, Anandy and of course Scott feel that Genesis has given them stewardship of the planet, which they interpret to mean that they can destroy it and still go to their heaven, even if it means people like Av8tor have to lie through their teeth to ignore the CO2 produced by other than “breathing human being(s)” sources in order to advance their pro-pollution-loving agenda.

    How sad they couldn’t adopt this interpretation:

  9. Slowpoke Halol

    Slowpoke Halol said, almost 7 years ago

    The world should be cleaned, no question. Pollution? Makes the air harder to breathe. Unfortunately, the campaign for this change has to be headed by this man-made climate change debate. I used to have respect for the scientists there, but now the scientists have gone and wrecked my respect.

    Why did they have to hide their methods? Whatever happened to the scientific method that I learned about in school? This screams money (why am I surprised?).

    Don’t spare me the “I am a pollution lover” argument. That argument is silly. I don’t want my country to end up like China, where they wear masks to breathe in their major cities. Where’s the nuclear power, nuclear fusion? That stuff is ridiculously clean compared to fossil fuels.

    Anthony, you might like this:

    Click the link under data.

  10. Anthony 2816

    Anthony 2816 said, almost 7 years ago

    Slowpoke, read the link OmQ R provided, realize the scientists involved are desperate to avoid the sequelae of the evidence they’ve found, despite the fundie christians and pro-pollution people, and get back to us.

  11. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, almost 7 years ago

    Can’t help but be reminded that the audience member is raising the “Saddam’s got WMDs and we can win this war for nothing” argument advanced by the same folks behind the climate change deniers.

  12. Ronshua

    Ronshua said, almost 7 years ago

    The on the wall agenda . Hoped for by all , I hope .

    Would the interpretation of the last line ” etc.etc.” be , American taxpayers pay whatever the cost ?

    I say , thank God for Global warming without it , this winter would be a record setter . The rising sea level and all is Miami Fl. still dry ? Sacramento Ca. is 11 foot sea level so I’ll hold off my move to Reno until San Jose is under water .

  13. Anthony 2816

    Anthony 2816 said, almost 7 years ago

    All that ranting, yet Harley never mentioned why he’s so pro-pollution.

    Why do you hate our children so much, Harley?

  14. Slowpoke Halol

    Slowpoke Halol said, almost 7 years ago

    Yes Anthony, for example, I could make some studies on gravity, fake them, but gravity would still exist. However, the gravity of this situation is a little bit different, I should think. Should I really overlook this? I know the scientists want me to, because they’re human.

    Just sayin, with this flying around, I don’t want people to be jumping the gun on man made climate change. I can understand the urgency of the environment, but play to the points you know I care about: pollution, deforestation, habitat destruction, not a dubious temperature increase.

  15. Anthony 2816

    Anthony 2816 said, almost 7 years ago

    Slowpoke, the only people who think we’re “jumping the gun” are ones who’ve only just become aware of the problem.

    The concept of global warming didn’t just pop up a month ago.

    But like I’ve said, you have nothing to worry about. The pollution-lovers will win, because their way is cheaper and easier, and doesn’t affect them…just our descendants, and they don’t care about them.

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