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  1. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, 2 days ago

    They need to scare it with a haunted mouse?

  2. then00b

    then00b said, 2 days ago

    Ok, but could you at least put on some pants?

  3. wmconelly

    wmconelly said, 2 days ago

    The elephants haven’t been Republicans for a lo-o-o-ong time time; they’ve metamorphosed into RepubliCons, people who’ll say or do most anything to WIN. Win for themselves and their friends, that is, the rest of the Country be damned.
    They’re scary all right.

  4. Gresch

    Gresch said, 2 days ago

    No…. i will need to re-distribute your candy to those did not dress up and went “trick-or-treating”….

  5. logicalone

    logicalone said, 2 days ago

    The media is mostly left wing. These are the stories they push, but it’s the repubs? Truth-speak is wild stuff.

  6. Reppr

    Reppr said, 2 days ago

    So who is pushing this “War on Women” nonsense?

  7. Jase99

    Jase99 said, 2 days ago


    Who’s pushing the war on Christmas nonsense?

  8. masterskrain

    masterskrain GoComics PRO Member said, 2 days ago

    Best Picture of Rush I’ve seen in YEARS!!

  9. libsmasher

    libsmasher said, 2 days ago

    Pretty well sums up the current sad state of affairs due to having an incompetent community organizer in the White House… except that it isn’t just Republicans saying these things, it’s everybody. You’d have to pull teeth to get a member of the Democrat party to mention 0bola’s name on the campaign trail- it’s fun watching them twist themselves into knots to avoid uttering the name of the evil one.
    It looks like the party of abortion and homosexuality will be receiving a pretty good whipping in the November elections!

  10. opednance

    opednance said, 2 days ago


    “Liberal media” is a false term that was pushed by Karl Rove and repeated often enough that people believed it (Goebbels-style).
    Media is corporate owned, mostly by huge conglomerates (like Murdoch’s). They are NOT liberal. Most of what gets reported is either biased (Fox noted for the most misinformed viewers; MSNBC ‘leaning’), crisis driven (CNN and the Malaysian flight), or silly (“here’s what we saw on Twitter!”).

  11. opednance

    opednance said, 2 days ago


    Fox (GOP News per Ailes original vision) is telling young people, especially young women, NOT to vote.
    Majority of minimum wage workers are women, Republicans are pushing to ELIMINATE minimum wage requirements.
    Repubs have pushed through several anti-abortion measures that cause women to go to a clinic multiple times. The GOP says this is to have them consider their choice longer. This is insulting – women do not have abortions without thinking about first.
    Republicans are against the movement to stamp out rapes on college campuses.

  12. SizeofaPea

    SizeofaPea said, 2 days ago


    Hear, Hear! Just don’t expect any of the republiCons to self-reflect and admit to the reality that is your accurate comment.

  13. SizeofaPea

    SizeofaPea said, 2 days ago


    “The GOP says this is to have them consider their choice longer. This is insulting – women do not have abortions without thinking about first.”
    NONSENSE! Women lay down for any guy that wants them and then run to the abortion clinic the next day to “take care of it.” And don’t even get me started on women like that Georgetown law student who wanted free birth control so she could get it anytime and anywhere she wanted it.

    I hope you realize, from my previous comments, that the above is all snark and sarcasm.

  14. Darsan54

    Darsan54 said, 2 days ago


    Thru flukes of election year cycles, enormous outside interest spending and a general suppress the vote effort, the party of oppression, war and indentured servitude will be having a good year.

  15. SizeofaPea

    SizeofaPea said, 2 days ago

    ISIS is coming to behead you – because our guy, He Who Shall NOT Be Blamed destabilized the region and allowed the origins of ISIS to form.
    The USA is falling apart-because we refuse to compromise and cooperate. Don’t forget we caused the government shutdown, the Sequester was 98% of what WE wanted and we refuse to levy sufficient taxes to actually FIX the aging and crumbling infrastructure.
    Obama is a weak leader – because he won’t knee-jerk react and waste trillions of taxpayer dollars by invading countries that are no threat to the United States instead of expecting the countries nearest and most threatened to defend themselves with the United States merely acting as supporters and advisers.
    Ebola is going to eat you alive – Because Obama isn’t defending our borders, he is allowing thousands of carriers into the United States aboard legal, legitimate air flights that if he blocked we’d be screaming about the economic losses from. He wants to waste our tax dollars fighting Ebola “over there” instead of giving us something else to complain about here at home. It’s only okay to “fight them over there” when it’s billions going to our contractor buddies. Humanitarian efforts like fighting disease outbreaks in other countries isn’t as profitable for our deeply entrenched campaign investors, oops, I mean campaign_”contributors.”_
    And one from the peanut gallery,
    We need to redistribute your candy – because you lazy moochers demanded the “producers” provide you with what you wanted instead of you going out and actually ”working” to achieve it. What? What do you mean you’re only 6 years old? So what, you should GET A JOB you little freeloader.

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