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  1. mickey1339

    mickey1339 GoComics PRO Member said, almost 4 years ago

    I have a couple of friends that are “rabid” (their description) Progressives that are furious Obama nominated this guy and wonder when O is going to join the Republican party! I would have laughed except I know they are serious. The far left is very upset that Obama is continuing the Bush tax cuts, that he continued and broadened the Patriot Act and that he continues with Afghanistan instead of just packing up and leaving now.

    Hagel leaves me cold as a Sec. of Defense because it’s one more cabinet member out of the senate and I think he’s a bigot. Obama’s cabinet is getting a narrow focus from all the ex-senators and limit’s the administrations view on issues. It would be nice if he got some private sector people in his cabinet to expand their outlook on our country’s problems and offer some solutions other than raise taxes…

  2. Chillbilly

    Chillbilly said, almost 4 years ago

    No compromise in American politics can possibly good if it doesn’t piss EVERYBODY off.

  3. CasualBrowser

    CasualBrowser said, almost 4 years ago

    C D, did you read the article that this cartoon refers to? What he said wasn’t a caricature, it was chastizing American citizens, himself included, for substituting a slogan for actual effort on behalf of our military service members. I expect Mr. Holbert to make fun of MM based on superficial and slanted observations, but I’m suprized that you seem to have taken his statement at face value. The article is in support of our troops and veterans, as much as mere words can.

  4. jack75287

    jack75287 said, almost 4 years ago

    See you can say something nice and thoughtful as long as it is about the left!

  5. Respectful Troll

    Respectful Troll said, almost 4 years ago

    I deleted my original post as I have once again posted with too little information. I thought the cartoon was saying Mr. Moore would have been Mr. Obama’s choice over Hagel and was unaware of any recent writings by Mr. Moore. I thought Mr. Moore to just be a liberal Mr. Holbert pulled out of a hat.
    The last few times I’ve seen Mr. Moore giving interviews I heard many nonconstructive criticisms that just added to the ongoing diatribes of others. It is in this context I referred to him as a caricature and was unaware of the content to which I’ve now been directed.
    Mr. Moore’s movies have made positive contributions to the social and moral debates in our country, which is why I also said I hoped he would become more ‘relevant’, not realizing my error had made my own opinion irrelevant.
    I apologize for that part of my now deleted post.
    But my comment to Mickey that I know liberals who consider Obama to be a Reagan conservative is still valid.
    With thanks to those who focused me and keep me honest,

  6. Respectful Troll

    Respectful Troll said, almost 4 years ago

    Apology not accepted, Mechanic, as it is totally unwarranted.
    I needed a slap upside the back of my head and you and Casualbrowser gave it to me at the right moment and for the right reason.
    The only thing worse than a lie is a lie told as a truth. I can’t find the author of that quote but I believe it.
    Mr. Moore was deliberately chosen and my post ignored that and, in doing so, trivialized Mr. Moore’s contribution to the debate. As I didn’t read the article, I was not qualified to invoke his name.
    That’s a beer I owe you, Mechanic. Another one for watching my back under Lisa Benson’s cartoon. If I don’t watch myself, I’ll be having to sponsor a keg party somewhere. Mickey, Dred, and RobertLanders will be there too. ;)
    Grateful for good neighbors,

  7. wbr

    wbr said, almost 4 years ago

    my liberal friends dislike brennan becuse he supports drone,waterboarding [until recently] and sending prisoner to other countries to be tortured

  8. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, almost 4 years ago

    Michael Moore is often “over the top” on his comments, and will lead with a punch he pulls later in his dialogue. The difference between his version, and when Limbaugh goes “Over the top” is that Moore cites facts, and apologizes when he incorrectly places blame. Limbaugh never apologizes for anything, no matter how blatant the distortion, offense, or outright lie.

  9. wbr

    wbr said, almost 4 years ago

    mechanic sorry for once ima is correct and you are not do not worry no one bats 1000

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