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  1. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, almost 2 years ago

    Will nuns in Catholic schools still be limited to rulers?

  2. Justice22

    Justice22 said, almost 2 years ago


    Rulers with 30 round clips.

  3. Fairportfan2

    Fairportfan2 said, almost 2 years ago

    Several years ago, after an eight-year-old girl (in Florida, as i recall) was arrested in the classroom, cuffed an dragged away because she was “out of control” and the teacher couldn’t handle it and Florida passed its wonderful “stand your ground” law, the late Doug Marlette (who was Florida-based in those days) did a cartoon.
    It showed a little girl lying on the floor and a teacher with smoking gun perched on her desk telling the cops “I felt threatened.”

  4. Rad-ish

    Rad-ish GoComics PRO Member said, almost 2 years ago

    When they take tests do they feel under the gun?

  5. wiatr

    wiatr GoComics PRO Member said, almost 2 years ago

    My daughter-in-law doesn’t want to be armed since the kids in her classes are often the type you want to shoot. She’s afraid of the temptation. ;)

  6. motivemagus

    motivemagus said, almost 2 years ago


    I miss Marlette. A North Carolinian raised in a conservative Baptist family, he could cite Bible verse as readily as the right-wing whack-jobs — against them. (I knew him and his wife somewhat.) Fortunately, his nephew Andy Marlette has taken up the pen, and even draws in a style much like his uncle, for the Pensacola, FL newspaper!

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