Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz by Werner Wejp-Olsen

Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz

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  1. Bruno Zeigerts

    Bruno Zeigerts said, 6 days ago

    Knew they were Roman numerals … didn’t know what they indicated.

    His nephew can’t be very bright if he doesn’t recognize Roman numerals.

  2. Jim Douglas

    Jim Douglas said, 6 days ago

    maybe MCMXXXVIII might be easier on the eye, an expert on ancient languages, ya say?

  3. paha_siga

    paha_siga said, 6 days ago

    @Jim Douglas

    Yeah, everybody knowing even a bit of Roman numerals would know the “no more than three of the same” rule. So the code should have been a fake.

  4. Tue Elung-Jensen

    Tue Elung-Jensen said, 6 days ago

    @Jim Douglas

    To be fair it says “some kind of expert” he doesn´t state that he is actually an expert. Might just be self proclaimed.

  5. dkram

    dkram said, 6 days ago


    I have seen old clocks with IIII at the four o’clock.



  6. NeedaChuckle

    NeedaChuckle said, 6 days ago

    @Jim Douglas

    My thought exactly.

  7. J. Short

    J. Short GoComics PRO Member said, 6 days ago

    What a greedy uncle.

  8. Neal Watkins

    Neal Watkins said, 6 days ago

    For those saying the code is fake because of the four C’s, actual Roman nomenclature for the ancient times often used only the additive notation (IIII or CCCC) instead of the subtractive notation (IV or CD), especially in “official” documentation. So, technically, it is correct.

  9. The Wolf In Your Midst

    The Wolf In Your Midst said, 6 days ago

    Bah. Roman, Latin… it’s all Greek to me!

  10. James Henry

    James Henry said, 6 days ago

    If Marty is the nephew of both Danger and Hugo, that pretty much means the dead guy is Danger’s brother or brother in law. (Unless perhaps Marty is married, which I think we can all agree is highly unlikely.

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