Ham Shears by Madeline Queripel

Ham Shears


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  1. J K

    J K said, 11 months ago

    @snarkm & @Ken said: First sorry for the delay, I’d had issues with my internet connection. That said, regarding your question with my choice of “would of been” both of you have it right for different reasons. The correct language way is as “snarkm” suggests, however my creative writing teacher in college suggested, write what you know and how you talk, unless the character is supposed to be different then you. So “Ken” is also correct. As for today’s strip, “Vampire or pig, if you hadn’t let one in your home in the first place you wouldn’t be in the mess you are in now, and Viola seems to be a mess or a handful at least.”

  2. Ken

    Ken said, 11 months ago

    Love the strip btw. It’s my favorite along with Two Cows and a Chicken and Luann. Can’t choose which is number one.

  3. dillio9000

    dillio9000 said, 11 months ago

    No. Writing the way you speak, you would write “would’ve been.” You’re just phrasing it incorrectly, as “would of been.” If you chop down a giant beanstalk and use it to build a log cabin, you are using “wood of bean.” (Yesss! Fist Pump!)

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