Green Pieces by Drew Aquilina

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  1. Buzza Wuzza

    Buzza Wuzza said, 12 months ago

    Very cool information, thank you, Uncle Drew

  2. Rogue Symmetry

    Rogue Symmetry GoComics PRO Member said, 12 months ago

    We mix sugar with water for our lil birds

  3. T. Shepherd

    T. Shepherd GoComics PRO Member said, 12 months ago

    Very nice, Drew!

  4. Saucy1121

    Saucy1121 GoComics PRO Member said, 12 months ago

    We tried a hummingbird feeder once, but only attracted bees.

  5. Ronbo99

    Ronbo99 said, 11 months ago

    People tend to remember what they read, even in comics, so please double-check your facts. Red food coloring does NOT contain iron (we would be able to taste it, especially in quantities large enough to influence color) and boiling does NOT destroy nutrients in a sugar syrup (under the right circumstances, it can convert some sucrose to invert sugar, but animals metabolize it just like other sugars).

  6. Chris Tacker

    Chris Tacker GoComics PRO Member said, 11 months ago

    Now I am going to put up a 2nd feeder! Thank you!!

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