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  1. cubefarmer

    cubefarmer said, 3 days ago

    Hmm, Clinton did turn up her nose at the ice bucket challenge…

  2. ahab

    ahab GoComics PRO Member said, 3 days ago

    McCoy continues to suffer from faux scandal syndrome.

  3. wbr

    wbr said, 3 days ago

    she failed the 2 am phone call test

  4. Observer fo Irony

    Observer fo Irony said, 3 days ago

    Nothing to see after she has melted away but not gone; her next incarnation will be a political pundit.

  5. Michael wme

    Michael wme said, 3 days ago

    The Kenyan Muslim and the witch ordered the US Ambassador to walk into an al-Qaeda trap, and all the witch could say when asked why she didn’t do anything to protect our ambassador was, ‘What difference does it make?

  6. ODon

    ODon said, 3 days ago

    @Observer fo Irony

    “…her next incarnation will be a political pundit.”
    That certainly would be one hell of a lot easier than President an office she will likely preside over.

  7. braindead08

    braindead08 GoComics PRO Member said, 3 days ago

    I thought the ‘truth’ about Benghazi has already been revealed by Dan Issa, just before he began the hearings to determine the truth about Benghazi.

  8. TripleAxel

    TripleAxel said, 3 days ago

    I’m guessing that this cartoon is commenting on reports that Clinton aides combed over documents relating to Benghazi to remove anything that might put Clinton in a bad light:

  9. NeoconMan

    NeoconMan said, 3 days ago


    Exactly. And if Daily Signal saw fit to actually post it on the Internet, it’s obviously true.

  10. Hiram Bingham

    Hiram Bingham said, 3 days ago

    I simply cannot believe that, after thirty-two formal investigations exonerating Hillary of any wrong-doing in Benghazi, that there are still Right Wingers hanging onto the Big Lie.

    They really are grasping at straws, now.

  11. SizeofaPea

    SizeofaPea said, 3 days ago

    Don’t get me wrong, one death is too many, but let’s put this in perspective. And this doesn’t even count the thousands of soldiers killed and hundreds of thousands wounded due to “The Big Lie!” by He Who Shall NOT Be Blamed.

  12. SizeofaPea

    SizeofaPea said, 2 days ago


    Tell us the truth, if the state department had handed over an un-redacted report that then led to the death of any person you would be ”outraged.”
    If the state department handed over a report with only one redaction, from context clearly a name to protect that person, you would be ”outraged.”
    If the state department handed over a report with only one redaction, from context clearly a name to protect that person, your spin-meisters would be playing it up, out of context for certain, that they were “hiding something” and without stopping to think or research the real truth, you would be ”outraged.”

  13. louieglutz

    louieglutz said, 2 days ago

    two words: raymond maxwell.

  14. Ruff

    Ruff GoComics PRO Member said, 2 days ago

    @Hiram Bingham

    Aahh, don’t forget that they have tried around 50 times to repeal Obamacare.

  15. disgustedamerican

    disgustedamerican said, 2 days ago

    When eye witnesses risk media smears by telling the truth, like the Hillary clones hiding on a Sunday in an offbeat part of the DOS to hunt for and shred any Benghazi documents that expose Hillary’s incompetence and guilt for putting Americans in an unprotected terror war front next door to Al Qaeda, and then refuses requests for protection time after time; and the Jihadis attack for 14 hours (enough time to mount a rescue from Tripoli or military offshore) and the onsite CIA “Bob” orders the Benghazi trained team to “stand down”…..the least Americans can do is listen and give the witnesses credit for coming forward with the truth.

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