Gil Thorp by Neal Rubin and Rod Whigham

Gil Thorp

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  1. Wieswald

    Wieswald said, about 3 years ago

    what the hell does “takes it to the house” mean?

  2. grshprnh

    grshprnh said, about 3 years ago

    Playdowns here we come!

  3. 1after909

    1after909 said, about 3 years ago

    If you watch ESPN, “Sportscenter” specifically, you’ll hear ‘take it to the house’ until you’re sick of it. They get a hold of a catchphrase and make it trite and hackneyed before the next commercial.

  4. Have Mop Will Travel

    Have Mop Will Travel said, about 3 years ago

    And Chip gets flagged for taunting when he tries to strike the Heisman pose after his touchdown. 15 yards on the kickoff means Jefferson gets very good field position.

  5. Have Mop Will Travel

    Have Mop Will Travel said, about 3 years ago

    And why do they always wait until late in the game to start “following the Troys”? If they’re so dominate, do it from the start!

  6. DaleJQP

    DaleJQP said, about 3 years ago


    NASCAR types often refer to a car simply by its number, “the 14”. Sometimes, “the 14 car”.
    A few years ago, some started using, “the car number 14”. Fortunately, that didn’t last into a second season.

  7. lukebunkin

    lukebunkin said, about 3 years ago

    In P.2, the ref has a “what would Gil do” bracelet on his right wrist. The big bracelet on his right wrist is “what would Berrill do”. Thought you would like to know.
    Carlos Danger

  8. the old professor

    the old professor said, about 3 years ago

    What’s with the wrist band obsession anyway? Is it some kind of regional fad or is everyone in this strip hiding something?

  9. bearwku82

    bearwku82 said, about 3 years ago

    P2- That referee wearing the prototype rain resistant mask ,is a local thespian at Milford Masterpiece Theatre. He also works weekends as a manniqan with Kim Cattral at Woolworth’s.

  10. Mr Reality

    Mr Reality said, about 3 years ago

    In all reality, its been a couple of days since Tip and Angie have been in the strip , wonder what they ve been up to ?

  11. Bluedarter

    Bluedarter said, about 3 years ago

    Glad to see Ed Hochuli moonlighting as referee while in Milford. Hochuli is a lawyer, so he has it in his NFL contract to do one Milford game a year. He got Gil off on some heinous offense in the early 70’s, so he comes back to see if Gil is still wearing the ankle bracelet he had at one time.

  12. Gilfan79

    Gilfan79 said, about 3 years ago

    I know we give Neal and Rod a hard time for some of the drawing in this strip, but I wanted to give them a bit of a shout out for a job well done in P3 of showing a wet field. I won’t even get petty and make a big deal about how the uniforms would be so muddy by the fourth quarter they would be indistinguishable from each other.

  13. miffedmax

    miffedmax said, about 3 years ago

    Man, y’all are out in force today!

  14. TheBillyGoat

    TheBillyGoat said, about 3 years ago

    In P1 the rain is falling left to right: in P2 the referee is standing under an awning staying dry as best he can: in P3 the rain is falling right to left. And why is Chip giving a salute?

  15. kdizzle

    kdizzle said, about 3 years ago


    Do you think it might be conceivable that the viewpoint is on opposite sides of the field between P1 and P3? Holy nitpicking.

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