Gil Thorp by Neal Rubin and Rod Whigham

Gil Thorp

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  1. Cliff1911

    Cliff1911 said, about 4 years ago

    This guy gets women about as often as Augusta National.

  2. Wieswald

    Wieswald said, about 4 years ago

    ah, yes. The true pinnacle of manhood is achieved when one shifts to begging for a pity date . . . unless he starts begging for pity sex.

  3. chiphilton

    chiphilton said, about 4 years ago

    Let’s give Steve credit for being persistent. Considering he would hardly leave his room six weeks ago, he’s made a lot of progress.

  4. thejudge

    thejudge said, about 4 years ago

    What about the hecklers?

  5. bearwku82

    bearwku82 said, about 4 years ago

    I agree with Chip. Steve’s persistancy level has increased leaps and bounds. This could serve him well in the business world or even in his job search wieswald. If Molly says no date, no problem. Steve-O will move on….into the Thor p archives as we introduce the new cast of characters for football and welcome back Mimi, Kaz, Marjie, Brody? and everyone’s punching bag Moonpie.

  6. Gilfan79

    Gilfan79 said, about 4 years ago

    Would it be inappropriate at this point for Molly to ask Steve to give it up and grow a pair?

  7. miffedmax

    miffedmax said, about 4 years ago

    How could they be back early if Steve is quintuple bogeying every hole?

  8. Uncle Kaz

    Uncle Kaz said, about 4 years ago

    There is a fine line between persistence and creepiness. Where exactly is Steve in this mix?

  9. cuttersjock

    cuttersjock said, about 4 years ago

    P2- MCC’s golf carts look like 1956 Plymouths!

    Moon sighting is imminent, I feel it!

  10. decten1968

    decten1968 said, about 4 years ago

    Bottom line on the match . . . 9 & 8 (nine up with eight to play for you non-golfers out there . . . they finished the match just after the turn.

    Steve-O won one hole by some chance . . . but the member dropped the hammer soon afterwards.

  11. hausof7mau

    hausof7mau said, about 4 years ago

    I thought Molly said something to the affect that Steve was too old for her by six years. If she is the same age as Steve’s brother she is still in high school. I don’t think Steve wants to go to prison.

  12. wmac8898

    wmac8898 said, about 4 years ago

    Molly graduated high school in 2011. I’m 95% sure.

  13. Have Mop Will Travel

    Have Mop Will Travel said, about 4 years ago

    Nobody said Molly and Steve’s brother were the same age.
    Steve got fleeced in that match. Cost him an arm and a….never mind.

  14. BikeMike

    BikeMike said, about 4 years ago

    Molly – Just say no! Again.

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