1. Zoso1
    Arianne  8 days ago

    Awww! Wook at the ickle kippie!

    Panels 9 (yaa) and 10 (wump), pwecious!!!

  2. Pixel avatar
    Bill S  8 days ago

    I don’t blame you Bucky … if I saw anything that large that even remotely looked like an oversized arachnid, I’d smoosh it too.

  3. Blackbeard avatar
    ShadowBeast gc insider 8 days ago

    The chickenade getting tipped over is your own fault, Satchel.

  4. Andy
    Sandfan  8 days ago

    Chickenade is a totally revolting concept.

  5. Miss furbie4
    kayerinc  8 days ago

    I think Bucky was being Very Brave. Remember how he went frozen after seeing a mouse? And bugs run twice as fast as mice. No, on this one I side with B. And Satch – licorice muffin??? Makes one glad to be a cat.

  6. Missing large
    whiteaj  8 days ago

    Poor Satchel.

  7. Mr b 3 10 15 11
    zippykats  8 days ago

    We rarely see Bucky’s ears up!

  8. Missing large
    JoeMartinFan gc insider 8 days ago

    The mind of Darby Conley…I bet it’s never boring in there!

  9. Missing large
    ccxander gc insider 8 days ago

    I’m with Bucky on this one – that looks like a big spider!!

  10. Schwerpunk67
    Forbin Project  8 days ago

    Bucky did the right thing with that spider-muffin, and the chicken-ade spilling was entirely Satch’s fault.

  11. Bucky01
    Smitty  8 days ago

    “Awwwww fumbles!” is a line I think I’m going to start using.

  12. Steve1a  2
    JP Steve  8 days ago


  13. Missing large
    clayface9 gc insider 7 days ago


  14. Missing large
    humorist54 gc insider 7 days ago

    Aw, Fumbles, indeed!

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