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Get Fuzzy

By Darby Conley
Oct 26, 2013
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Bucky Katt: Where's that book about reaching your goals.
Rob Wilco: Top shelf.
Bucky Katt: Hm. Well that's a setback. 
Satchel Pooch: The little guy's still got ambition. You gotta hand it to him! 
Rob Wilco: Sure so. He can't reach it himself. 
Bucky Katt: Is that a height joke? 
Rob Wilco: It's not a width joke. 
Bucky Katt: So it is a height joke. 
Rob Wilco: Went right over his head.
Satchel Pooch:  What did?
Bucky Katt: It sounds like a height joke. 
Rob Wilco: It's rapidly turning into a dumb joke. 
Bucky Katt: Ok, so it isn't a height hoke.
Rob Wilco: Trust me, nobody's laughing at your height right now. 
Satchel Pooch:  I am a little!
Oct 28, 2013
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