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Get Fuzzy

By Darby Conley
Oct 24, 2013
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Bucky Katt: I declare your room to be free of moths-- man-like or otherwise.  
Satchel Pooch:  I'm still scared.
Bucky Katt: Satchell...the toughest mothman can be defeated with a can of beer and a piece of double sided tape. And lo behold! For the magic blockage of cedar shall protectorate us from the evil mothman: Flitty the Bulb Bonker! 
Satchel Pooch:  Somehow I don't think you're taking my feeling seriously.
Bucky Katt: Of course, if we squish flitty, we still have to deal with his evil hench, bugs: Butterfly Boy and the Caterpillar Kid!
Oct 26, 2013
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