Aug 3, 2013
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Bucky: Bucky entering.
Rob; Satchel, ids-hay the ing-stray.
Satchel: Stray the what now? 
Rob: No, the ing-stray ight-ray ere-thay
Satchel: Umm...
Bucky: What are you saying?!
Rob: Nothing. Never mind.
Bucky: Well, stop talking in un-american! You sound like a terrorist! Or at least an annoyerist!
Rob: Relax, Bucky, that was just Pig Latin, I wasn't-
Bucky: You expect me to believe you can talk to mexican farm animals?
Rob: Bucky, pig latin is just-
Bucky: Abra cadorky! Bungle dum whopper funk! Spork spooky ole! I just told you where you can stick your pig latin in monkey dutch!
Satchel: Don't look at me, I have a hard enough time with dog english.
Aug 5, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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