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Get Fuzzy

By Darby Conley
Feb 23, 2013
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Bucky: I can't figure out what kind of book to write next.
Satchel: Oh! Do an auto biography!
Bucky: I already did that.
Satchel: Just do a different one! People love cars!
Bucky: An autobiography isn't about cars, it's a book about somebody that wasn't written by a professional writer.
Satchel: No, that's an unauthored biography. 
Bucky: Unauthorized?
Satchel: Right. Un-authored. No authors.
Bucky: You can't write an interesting book about cars.
Satchel: What about that fifty shades of Hyundai? No, wait... Girl with a Datsun tattoo?
Bucky: Please stop.
Satchel: Dodge minivan code!
Feb 25, 2013
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