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Get Fuzzy

By Darby Conley
Dec 1, 2012
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Bucky: Satchel. My plans are near fruitation. Today I am but unknown, yet tomorrow my name will be synonymous with power.
Satchel: You're changing your name, and the best middle name you could think of is "with"?
Bucky: Huh?
Satchel: Still, I guess it's better than your today name. 
Bucky: What today name?
Satchel: Butt unknown. And why haven't you ever corrected me? I've been calling you Bucky for years. So is synonymous Greek? 
Bucky: I'm not naming myself synonymous, I'm saying my name will mean powerful!
Satchel: Oh! Will it be spicy?
Bucky: I forgot what I was talking about.
Satchel: Ha ha! That is soooo butt unknown!
Dec 3, 2012
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